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Introducing Luxury Gold by Insight Vacations

Luxury Gold, like our sister companies Red Carnation Hotels and Uniworld Cruises, is the embodiment of everything we stand for within the top luxury brands of The Travel Corporation (TTC), attention to detail, exceptional service, outstanding quality and above all, superb value.

We’ve harnessed the nearly 100 years of experience of our founders, global team and travel experts at Insight and throughout the business, to bring together all our vast knowledge of hotels, food, logistics, transport and all the elements required to create your perfect holiday. Luxury Gold has all the qualities that make our luxury brands the best in the world.

Whether your idea of luxury is staying in some of the world’s finest hotels, dining on the latest culinary innovations at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or experiencing the world from a point of view others can only dream of, Luxury Gold will exceed your expectations. Dedicated to elevating your experience, these itineraries deliver a rare combination of authenticity, variety and luxury to ensure your experience is as enviable as it is unforgettable.

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Country Roads of Puglia and The Neopolitan Riviera

Returning to Italy – A Featured Staff Review

It had been 23 years since I last visited Italy.  My husband had never been so we decided to do the Country Roads of Puglia and The Neopolitan Riviera tour based on the regions covered and the short duration as we didn’t want to be away from our young children for too long.  We were also celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary!

Our tour director Gianni, greeted us when we arrived at our hotel in Rome.  He was a slightly jolly, older fellow and always ensured we had what we needed and made himself available if we had any questions.  As the night went on, he had us in chuckles as he told us jokes.  On the last optional dinner we danced a bit as well.  It was funny as he danced and jokingly gasped for an oxygen mask.

It was blistering HOT while out on tour.  I was happy that we headed out early every day which not only helped with slightly cooler temperatures, we also avoided the hustle and bustle of the cruise ship vacationers that just so happened to be touring the same sites we were while in the Gulf of Naples.  The beautiful cities built on the mountain side were breathtaking.  The water was aquamarine blue and so clear you can see the array of fish swimming about.  There was hardly a cloud in sight.  Seeing and viewing the sites were nice but the local experts provide that experiential edge because they were passionate about the stories and history of their land.  One story that stuck in my mind was the fact that families would give poppies to their children so they would sleep for 3-4 days, stretching out the food supply, in order to survive.

We had a great group of people on this tour which made it even more pleasant and enjoyable, some of whom I’ll be keeping in touch with via Facebook.

Lastly, I MUST mention the food.  My husband and I are real foodies so this was the best part of the trip.  The food was simple yet extremely flavourful.  The produce was so fresh.  The tomatoes were red and juicy. The olives were nothing like I ever tasted before, probably one of the best flavours on my palate.  I even brought back some olive oil from Puglia.  Now that I’ve returned home, I must admit I’ve gained a few proud pounds but now I’m on the hunt for some Italian green olives!  We also had some people over on the weekend, making food for them as we enjoyed on our tour…and the experience continues…




Mareesa works in the IT-Data Centre team for the Travel Corporation, located in our Canadian office.

She travelled to Italy on the 10-day Country Roads of Puglia & the Neapolitan Riviera in August 2015.

New England’s Fall Foliage

Meet Insight Tour Director Kate Gaska, as she shares her favourite picturesque corner of the USA, on the New England’s Fall Foliage tour.

Embark on the quintessential autumn holiday, brimming with Americana and alive with the spectacular colours of an Indian Summer. This tour allows you to fully enjoy New England’s unique fall foliage at a moderate pace. Relax with two-night stays in Stowe and North Conway, explore historic attractions, discover quaint towns filled with Americana appeal and sample delectable local specialities.

Domaine de Beauvois – our Luxury Gold hotel

Domaine de Beauvois – our Luxury Gold hotel

Set in the heart of the Loire Valley in Luynes, the Domaine de Beauvois is housed in a Touraine manor house on 99 acres of parkland, facing the beautiful Lake Briffaut. Featured on our new French Elegance Luxury Gold itinerary, this Signature Hotel dates back to the 16th century and was originally an impressive seigneurial lodging house with big round towers that still stand today. In 1619, the Duke Charles Albert de Luynes, a great falconer and a favourite of King Louis XIII acquired the manor and made it a part of the Duchy of Luynes. According to local lore, King Louis XIII liked coming to hunt the waterfowl, which populated Lake Briffaut at the time.

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