Elaine Post, Insight’s Director of Sales USA East, recently experienced the Country Roads of Switzerland.

This was my first opportunity to take an Insight Country Roads tour.  Travelling the back roads offers a dimension to a destination that I had never experienced before.  Seeing small towns, amazing scenery, cows grazing, and dandelion fields will be something that I will always remember.

Our tour guide was Carl Eggeling and he did an amazing  job.  Not only was he knowledgeable & helpful, but he also had a great sense of humour.  He constantly had us laughing!

The Insight coach was fabulous, as was our driver, Marcel.  He went above & beyond one day when we hit a big snow storm.  He had to put chains on the tires & then drive down a tiny mountain road.  It was a bit scary, but he got through the worse parts with no incidents.  Bravo to Marcel!!

One of my favorite highlights was a visit to the small village of Sion which we visited on market day.  We also enjoyed an amazing optional excursion to the Jungfrau Mountain, which was fantastic. The scenery, glacier and ice sculptures, as well as the train ride up were fantastic. It was cold; 17 degrees F at the top, but worth it!


When travelling to Switzerland, it is worth remembering that Switzerland is a very expensive country.  Beer was often cheaper than water! Thankfully,   we were on an escorted tour;  a lot of our meals were included. However, a useful tip is to stock up at the supermarkets, Coop or Macros, and  have a bit of a picnic for lunch.

I never realized that Switzerland is as beautiful as it is. It was an amazing experience and exceeded my expectations.  There is probably no other place that compares.